One Day In ONLINE heritage teaching on April 23, 2020 – Call for submissions

Hi We’Re nOt hAvInG sChOoL sO nOw YoU nEeD tO tEaCh oNlInE aNd wE kNoW yOu nEeD to take care of your own kids but we need to do some form of instruction so hopefully our PD meeting helped you figure out some ideas so now setupaGoogleMeetand OKthankshopeitgoeswell see you for another Google Meet meeting on Thursday bye. 

Is that how you’re feeling? 

Have you spent time scrolling back to March through all the Facebook pages and discussion groups for spectacular activities to do with your heritage students online – or assign to your students – and then when you sit down to actually plan, you have no idea what to do?  That’s been me at a few different points.

Let’s help each other by sharing what we are all doing to teach our heritage students remotely – in one easy snapshot! 

Many of you have participated in the last two “One Day in Heritage Language Teaching” days that I’ve hosted.  I would like to do this again next week, but this time with an (obvious) focus on what your newfangled online teaching world looks like on a specific day for a specific lesson.     

Quick sum-up: What is ‘One Day In Heritage Language Teaching’?

For the past two “One Day In HLT”, heritage language teachers submitted one Powerpoint slide showing what they did in their HL class on a particular day that I choose.  I then compiled it and sent it back out to everyone for an easy read during break-time in the teacher’s lounge.  Here is “One Day” from Oct 2018, and from Nov 2019. Those are the best samples to see what is sought after. 

Details for THIS round of “One Day”

  • 💻 Make one Powerpoint slide of what you’re doing for a heritage class…
  • 📅 On Thursday, April 23rd.  No cheating, unless it’s an even/odd issue.
  • ✏ Include a sum-up along with visual(s) on the slide
  • 📧 Send this to me by Monday, April 27th at
  • 👨‍🏫 I’d like the focus to be on what your actual class time and instruction looks like, not just independent assignments that you’ve assigned

Here’s a sample:

I will compile everyone’s share-outs in one blog post and share it back out to the heritage teaching community across multiple platforms for everyone to read during their teacher’s lounge break – or bedroom break, or wherever and whenever you’re behind a screen, which is probably 98% of all times and places now.  If you did something on April 23rd and it didn’t go so well and you are able to reflect on why or how it didn’t go well, include that if you still choose to share.  Let’s learn how to do online teaching together to be the best we can be for our heritage language students!

Looking forward to getting submissions soon!